Islands in the Clouds

islands in the clouds

In Southern California the marine layer can easily extend as far inland as Riverside and San Bernardino, about 60 miles from the Pacific ocean, during the months of May and June. It’s like a cool blanket of air (often with clouds) that moves in at night and then retreats after sunrise.

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Geologically speaking, there’s a lot going on out in Joshua Tree National Park. Hundreds of millions of years of geologic process makes for an interesting place. And some of the results of those processes can be amazing.


rock climbing

January 6, 2017 photos of climber coming up the south face of Intersection Rock on Mike’s Books route.

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Desert Heat

desert heat

I tried to make it look as though you could almost feel the heat rising up from the ground and through the Joshua trees.

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Una vez más (once again)

winter morning

Here I go again with another major rearrangement of my website. What will I do this time? Something different? Doubtful. More of the same? Most likely. Stick around and we’ll find out together.