“Fool on the Hill”

I’ve always liked this abandoned house, sitting high up on a hill surrounded by acres of nothing and no one. It’s been that way for years. My kind of spot.

But it probably won’t remain that way for long. The way I see it, other than the obvious state of disrepair, the major downside of living here would be the new tracts of residential homes that are beginning to dot hillsides in the area, along with the inevitable strip shopping centers and grocery stores that are never far behind. Progress. More building. More traffic. More people, and to an introverted socialphobe like me, more people is never a good thing.

Once upon a time I worked in a small corner of the real estate industry and believed in the real estate principle of highest and best use for determining the future of raw land. It took me a while but when I finally came to believe that “highest and best use” actually meant “whatever will make us the quickest buck”, I changed careers.

I titled this post The Fool on the Hill but that’s not really an acurate description. In this day and age, in Southern California in particular, anyone who has managed to keep their land relatively undeveloped for years is no fool. Kudos.

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