Hiking the Hills

Joshua Tree National Park

If my knees were better I would have hiked over to the base of that first hill, followed it around to the left, and then down into the draw between those other two hills to see what’s there. Probably just more shrubs and rocks and hills, I suppose. But you never know when the desert will surprise you with something more interesting. Maybe a coyote. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a few. Or a quick glance at the backside of a mule deer as its black-tipped tail disappears over the next hill. How about some long gone prospector’s old petered out mine halfway up the side of the hill? Or even a few desert bighorn sheep from one of the three herds that are known to live in the park. I’ll leave the mountain lion sighting for another time, if you don’t mind. They worry me a bit.

2 thoughts on “Hiking the Hills”

  1. Wow! Very nice Mr. Simpson. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of ‘thinking’ yer way to adventure, or even the inquisitive thought of ‘what lies over there’.

    Ain’t nuttin wrong with that. Even Superman is unable to do all the things in life that he’d probably like to do.

    I suppose an issue would arise whence we stop dreaming. So keep that element of wonder pointing out the side window. That’s a great photo.

    • Thanks Dave. If they ever get this lousy virus under control we should get everyone together for a night or two of desert camping again.


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