“Old Man’s”
San Onofre Surf Beach

Not only is San Onofre Surf Beach one of the few remaining southern California surf spots that I can still get to, it’s also my favorite. The surfing is easy, the people are friendly, and long boards abound. I first came here in the late 60’s and the only thing that seems to have changed over the years is the increase in it’s popularity.

“Surfing is for kicks, not crowds. It is for the individual neat it can bring. It is an all-grabbing, watery psychiatry in this over-organized world. To find the champion, you should hook them up with electrodes at all their vital points, take a reading, and find out who is having the most fun.” — Bob Ottom

Walk Don’t Run – written by the legendary Johnny Smith and performed by The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run – 1960

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