pecan pie muffins

Pecan Pie Muffin

These muffins are amazing and absolutely, hands down, positively, no doubt about it, the best tasting muffins I’ve ever made (I haven’t actually made a lot of muffins but these are really good). And they were easy to make. Eventually, that is, because even though I used a well greased metal muffin tin on my first attempt the muffins stuck to it like glue. Big failure. Next I tried using PAM-sprayed paper liners inside the muffin tin. They stuck even more. Damn sugar. By that time I’d decided to skip the aluminum coated liners, which would have been the next logical thing to try, and bought a couple silicone muffin pans. Success! The muffins wanted to stick a little but I ran a butter knife around the edges as soon as possible after they came out of the oven and and they all popped out just fine.

Pecan Muffin Recipe

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