Less social this year

This morning I took a long hard look at the posts of the folks I follow on Twitter to see who I enjoy reading (and I mean really enjoy and look forward to) and who I no longer enjoy reading. It came as no surprise to me that by the time I finished I’d muted more than two thirds of the people I follow.

I don’t consider this to be a reflection on them. I chose wisely initially and they’re all good people, but they’re still talking about the same things just like they always have. No, this is all on me. I’ve changed over the last 10 years and I’m no longer interested in hearing about their politics or their religion or their social commentary. The mutings were a much needed adjustment to better align my Twitter feed with my current interests.

So tweet about fishing trips or your family or the books you’re reading or the cars you like or your hobbies and I’ll follow you. Tweet about your photography or computers or cooking or your garden or guitars and I’ll follow you forever. Tweet original content and I’ll do my best to respond in kind.

If You Want Me To Stay – Sly and the Family Stone – Fresh – 1973

2 thoughts on “Less social this year”

  1. Yep… been like that for a long time for me. The most difficult part for me is to not get sucked into the political BS with all the “Trending” and #Explore stuff on Twitter. I always mark it as “not interested in this” but it seems to have very little, if any, effect in training Twitter’s algorithm to my preferences.

    • I know, right? And by the time I catch myself I’ve already wasted too much time. I’m getting better at focuing on just the Latest Tweets column and ignoring everything else. I’ve had the same experience using “not interested in this”. Trying to control or change what shows up on my feed has become an exercise in futility. Twitter seems to feed us whatever they want regardless of their algorithms.


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