Our honeybells (Minneola tangelos) are beginning to show more color. I picked a few this morning to see what’s what and they’re full of juice but a little sour. They’ll sweeten up over the next few weeks and I’ll pick more then. The oranges remain … Read More

Need. More. Beans.

Whether it’s a grower, roaster, coffee shop barista, server at the corner cafe, or the local grocery store, almost every serious coffee drinker I know has a preferred source they turn to for their favorite of coffee. That’s understandable. Different strokes for different folks and … Read More

Enchiladas Verde

Yesterday morning the plan was for my wife to make us one of her favorite dishes for dinner – Outback’s Alice Springs Chicken. Without a word spoken between us, I knew the plan was going to change when Dena, my wife’s girlfriend who lives in … Read More

Richard Brautigan

“Richard Gary Brautigan (January 30, 1935 – ca. September 16, 1984) was an American novelist, poet, and short story writer. His work often clinically and surrealistically employs black comedy, parody, and satire, with emotionally blunt prose describing pastoral American life intertwining with technological progress.” Poker … Read More


I made a big pot of pozole rojo yesterday. The pork shoulder roast was brined, rubbed, and then smoked using mesquite pellets. The sauce was made from ancho and guajillo chilies that I smoked, seeded, soaked, ground, and then mixed with homemade chicken broth, canned … Read More

Peach Cobbler

When you’re retired it’s often dessert that makes your world go around. I sometimes think that if I had to pick only one dessert to eat for the rest of the year it would have to be peach cobbler. I love the stuff. Last year … Read More