My name is Gary and this is where I spend some of my time. Sixteen years ago I put together a website so that I would have somewhere to display my landscape photography. During that time this place has seen more than its fair share of changes, interruptions, and near fatal mistakes (like the one I may be making now).

I’ve been posting a snapshots of food lately; probably more than I should since this isn’t supposed to be a food blog. That’s because I make less landscape photos now, but I fix something to eat almost every day. When I calculate photo opportunity for landscapes shots versus food shots I’m surprised that any of my landscape photography ever showed up here.

So now that the blog seems to be heading in a mostly food snapshots direction, which I’m sad to say will surely drive the landscape folks away, the next question is how long is this going to last? If I could have things my way the answer would be ‘not very long’, because I love making landscapes. But life sometimes has a way of making these decisions for us.