Spring – A Time of Growth and Renewal

Last Sunday my wife planted cucumbers, strawberries, and lettuce out in the back yard in a small 3-container fabric grow bag. Fabric containers are not something I’ve used before and I’m interested to see how well they work.

The rabbits and squirrels have already been snacking on the lettuce (in middle).

I planted basil, rosemary, and jalapeño chili peppers in my planter (below). Our plants are only twenty yards apart but I’m betting that mine will fare better than hers. At least initially.

I changed out the AeroGarden‘s standard 6-hole deck for their 23-hole seed starting system deck and put a couple cannabis seeds in each new grow sponge. Fingers crossed. It’s been more than fifty years since I last grew any marijuana and what little I might have known about it back then has long since faded away. I have no idea if the seeds will sprout, let alone grow into healthy plants. I haven’t smoked pot in years (decades, actually) and have no plans to start, so I could care less about potency. But I do love the look and smell of cannabis plants and would enjoy having a few around from time to time.